What is a Wordbook?

A wordbook is a collection of vocabulary. There are 50+ pre-made wordbooks that you can find in Wordstore. These cover the most common topics, from Number, greetings, to Direction. All languages have the same amount of pre-made wordbooks, covering the same topics.

You can also add a wordbook of your own, or add the extension wordbook  by enabling syncing with GlotDojo extension.

How can I add a wordbook?

There are four ways to add a wordset:

On GlotDojo app:

  1. Go to Home => Wordstore => choose a pre-made wordbook => Add all


2. Go to My Wordbook => click the "+" icon => Add new wordbook => Save


3. On video screen, click a word in the main subtitle to look up => Create Wb => Add new wordbook => Save

Adding from GlotDojo extension:

After adding new words with GlotDojo extension, click the GlotDojo icon next to Chrome's address bar to open Dropdown setting => Account => Sync.

Then, on your app, go to More => Sync now.

All added words will be synced to your app and stored in "GlotDojo_extension" wordbook in My Wordbook.

What is My Wordbook?

My Wordbook is where you store your wordbooks.

To access My Wordbook, open the app. My Wordbook is next to Home on the navigation menu.

What is a card?

A card gives you information about a word that you added, including definition, images, examples, pronunciation, and audio.

You can create a wordbook with at least one card.

How do I add a card?

You can add a card by adding cards from a Wordstore, from GlotDojo extension, or by adding on video.

Adding from Wordstore

Go to Home => Wordstore => Choose a wordbook => Choose a word => Click Add => OR choose Add all.

Adding from GlotDojo extension

Please see How can I add a Wordbook question above.

Adding from videos

Go to a video => Enable Main subtitle => Click a word on main subtitle => Click Add next to your preferred definition.

How do I archive/delete cards from my Wordbook?

To archive or delete a word, click the three-dot on the right on any word card. Choose archive/ delete.

After you archive a word, you will not be able to practice with it anymore.

After you delete a word, it will be permanently removed from your Wordbook, and you will need to go to its Wordset to re-add it.

How can I edit a card’s meaning/image/audio?

First, go to the card of a word you want to edit.

Then, click the Pen icon on the top right of your screen.

In Editor, you can edit the term, its phonetic transcription, definition, part of speech, context, and audio file.

Click the New definition button to add another definition to that word.

See also: Change audio for a card in GlotDojo app

Sync vocabulary from GlotDojo extension

To sync your added vocabulary from GlotDojo extension, go to the dropdown menu (by clicking on the GlotDojo icon next to the address bar in your Chrome browser) => Your Account => Click “Sync” next to your profile picture.

Then, on your GlotDojo app, go to More > Sync Now.