Default Preset

When a Preset is set as the "default Preset", this Preset (with its own settings) is automatically applied to all websites, except for the ones that are using other Presets.

For example, in the case below: The "Default Preset" (1) is currently the default Preset (with the crown icon) (2).

The page has not been saved to other Presets such as "Advanced" or "Good Morning'', so when you first open, the "Default Preset" (as the default Preset) will be automatically applied (3).

How to set the default Preset?

Step 1: Open Settings

Click GlotDojo icon (1) => Select gear icon (2) to open Settings.

Step 2: Set a Preset as default

From GotDojo's Settings page >> Open Manage Presets (4) >> Left-click the crown icon (5) next to a Preset that you want to set as default Preset (for example, we set Good Morning as default here).

The default Preset will have the yellow crown icon while others has a silver one.