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What does "scan" do?

The Scan function will help you look up multiple words faster without multiple clicking. Instead of double-click or highlighting words, you can press-hold a shortcut key and hover over words to look up.

When to use scanning?

Features of Scan function:

  • Help you look up multiple words quickly
  • Look up words on web pages that don't allow mouse action like highlighting
  • Recognize and look up compound words for Chinese and Japanese (if you have installed Chinese/Japanese Add-on)
  • Can be use on video subtitles (for supported video sites).

Manage Scanning in Settings

In Settings, you can manage or disable scan options for each Preset.

Scanning in Settings

Features included:

(1) Scan with middle mouse: Disable / Enable word look-up function with middle mouse.
(2) Scan modifier key: Scan with shortcut keys. The default key is Shift. You can choose another one, or disable all.
(3) Priority pop-up: You can prioritize a type of pop-up to appear first when you look up words.

  • If you have Premium Chinese and/or Japanese Add-on, you can set ¬†"Chinese" and/or "Japanese" according as priority. This means GlotDojo will always look up a word's meaning in Premium Chinese/Japanese dictionary first.
  • If you prioritize "Other language", GlotDojo will search for the word's meaning in your target language first, before searching in Premium Chinese/Japanese dictionary, which ever comes first.

Manage Scanning in Dropdown

You can also changes Scanning's settings in the Dropdown (quick settings menu).

Dropdown interface
  1. Scan with iddle mouse: Turn off / Enable the function of looking up words with middle mouse.
  2. Scan with hotkey: The default is the Shift key, you can change the scan key or disable the scan key in this item.
  3. Scan by hovering: Just hover over the word to look up. This function will be automatically disabled when you refresh the page.
    Also you can enable this function by: Right-clicking on the website >> Select GlotDojo Extension >>  Scan by hovering >> click ON.