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GlotDojo is a multi-language learning software by eJOY Team, and it is a part of Ejoy Ecosystem.

With just 1 eJOY Learning account, you can login and use various eJOY products, including GlotDojo.

2 ways to create an eJOY Learning account from GlotDojo

Go to (1) => Select Sign up (2) => eJOY Learning account registration page (3) => Choose to register an account with your email or register through Facebook, Google.

  • On GlotDojo eXtension

Click the GlotDojo icon in the top right corner of the browser => Account => Open eJOY Learning account registration page.

Log in to your Facebook/ Google account or register with your e-mail to get started.

(Note: For security reasons, we will send a verification link to your e-mail. Check it out. For verification, check this article.)