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What is "Language Pairs"?

A language pair is a pair of languages that you often work with. It appears when you click at the language icon at the top right of a basic pop-up. What does "language pair" do? Setting a few different language pairs can be helpful if you often need to reverse

  Updated at  Oct 28, 2020
How to look up words with Premium Chinese/Japanese Add-on?

To look up with Premium Chinese/Japanese Add-on, make sure you have downloaded its advanced dictionaries. 2 methods to look up words with the Premium Add-on Chinese and Japanese are languages of compound words. You can use GlotDojo to detect these compound words. There are 2 ways to do this:

  Updated at  Oct 20, 2020
What is "Scanning"?

What does "scan" do? The Scan function will help you look up multiple words faster without multiple clicking. Instead of double-click or highlighting words, you can press-hold a shortcut key and hover over words to look up. When to use scanning? Features of Scan function: * Help you look up multiple

  Updated at  Oct 16, 2020
What is Inline Translation?

Inline Translation Inline Translation allows you to generate translation right next to a part of text and come back to it frequently. This would be helpful if you need to translate different paragraphs and want to keep the translation somewhere convenient to check back later. How to enable Inline Translation?

  Updated at  Oct 14, 2020
What is a pop-up?

Pop-up is the core of GlotDojo. When you translate words on webpages or video-based sites, the pop-up will appears. It helps you look up words' meaning in 70+ languages, see pronunciation,  images, definition and popularity of each meaning, part of speech and more. NOTE: This post is about the basic

  Updated at  Oct 14, 2020
What is Advanced Translation?

Advanced Translation helps translate long paragraph. It is also used to translate in PDF documents. 3 ways to open Advanced Translation Method 1 Highlight the part of text you want to translate >> Right click >> select GlotDojo eXtension -> Advanced Translation Method 2 Highlight the sentence, the paragraph to look up

  Updated at  Oct 14, 2020

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