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How to look up on screenshots with Capture feature (beta)

What is Capture feature? You can look  up any word in your screenshots  using Capture feature. How to look up with Capture You can access this feature in three ways. Right click your screenshot >> choose GlotDojo Extension (1) >> choose Glot Capture (2)2. Choose GlotDojo icon

GlotDojo GlotDojo
  Updated at  29 Jan, 2021
How to integrate GlotDojo look-up features on any video sites

Apart from those fully supported video websites like Netflix, Youtube, with GlotDojo extension, you can integrate the lookup feature on any video web that you want. Requirement: the video you want to integrate must have close captions [CC] which means you can turn on or off the captions. When integrated

GlotDojo Team GlotDojo Team
  Updated at  28 Dec, 2020
I can't turn on Phonetics on videos

Currently, GlotDojo only supports phonetic subtitles for Chinese and Japanese. To be able to display phonetics for these two languages on top of Netflix and YouTube subtitles, you need to purchase the respective Premium Dictionary and download the dictionary to display the phonetics. To buy Premium Chinese Dictionary: https://glotdojo.

GlotDojo Team GlotDojo Team
  Updated at  16 Dec, 2020
Show phonetics on subtitles with Phonetics

GlotDojo support phonetics display for subtitles in English (IPA), Chinese (Pinyin) and Japanese (Hiragana/Romaji). For Chinese and Japanese, you need to purchase Premium Add-on to enable their corresponding phonetics. (Disclaimer: GlotDojo only support some popular video streaming platforms at the moment and doesn't guarantee that our features work perfectly

GlotDojo Team GlotDojo Team
  Updated at  28 Oct, 2020
What is Auto-pause?

Auto-pause is a useful feature if you're learning language, especially if you are new to the language. Why use Auto-pause?With Auto-Pause, each subtitle will be paused automatically so you have time to read them and mimic what the speaker said in the video. You can also choose to hide

GlotDojo Team GlotDojo Team
  Updated at  23 Oct, 2020
How to print out subtitles?

You can print out subtitles to read later. How to print out subtitlesStep 1: Click GlotDojo icon (1) >> Choose Print Subtitles (2) to preview print. Step 2: Choose your options and print as usual.

GlotDojo Team GlotDojo Team
  Updated at  23 Oct, 2020

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