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Premium Japanese Add-on: GRAMMAR

In Grammar, you'll learn about all grammar topics related to the word/ character you looked up. (2): Related grammar structure (3):  Meaning (4): N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 - The equivalent dificult level in JPLT (5): The main topic of this grammar structure Click a grammar structure to see detailed

  Updated at  Nov 02, 2020
Premium Japanese pop-up: EXAMPLE

The EXAMPLES section gives you some example that contains the word/phrase you searched for in Japanese and English/a language of your choice (if available in Dictionary). (1) Listen to pronunciation of the example (2) The example (3) Phonetics (Hiragana) (4) Meaning

  Updated at  Nov 02, 2020
Premium Japanese Add-on: KANJI

Kanji (漢字 - か ん じ) is a hieroglyphic system that was borrowed from Chinese language and is used in the modern Japanese writing system. They are used alongside the Japanese syllabic scripts Hiragana and Katakana. The number of Kanji in Japanese is much less than number of Chinese characters

  Updated at  Oct 30, 2020
Premium Japanese Add-on: a basic introduction

Premium Japanese Add-on helps you look up words in our advanced Japanese dictionaries easily with extra details and precision. After installing Japanese Premium Add-on, you can start looking up words in the dictionaries. When you look up a word, an advanced pop-up will appears. (1) Phonetic translation (2) The word

  Updated at  Oct 28, 2020
I've just installed the Premium Chinese/Japanese Add-on. What's next?

Thanks for purchasing our Premium Add-on! It's almost ready to use. The next step is to download the advanced dictionary available for your add-on. Download dictionaries to use Premium Add-on Step 1: Click GlotDojo icon => Open Setting => Dictionaries Step 2: Select the language section for the dictionary you have purchased.

  Updated at  Oct 08, 2020

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