How Preset works

The Preset allows you to create a variety of settings profiles to quickly switch between them for different purposes.

It can be used to switch between languages if you are learning more than 1 languages. For example, you can create a Preset that translates from French for all the French news sites you often visit, and a 2nd Preset that translates only Chinese for the Chinese sites.

Any website you add to a personal Preset will automatically apply all the settings of that Preset.

The Default Preset applies its settings to all websites.

Preset menu

(1) The current Preset
(2) Hide / Show the list of Presets
(3) Manage Presets
(4) The default Preset
(5) List of Presets
(6) Setting list of the current Preset
(7) Rename Preset
(8) Websites applying the current Preset