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Settings of GlotDojo extension on Chrome.

Conflicts when using GlotDojo and eJOY extension at the same time: what to do

Possible conflicts When you have both GlotDojo and eJOY extension installed, you may experience some bugs like not being able to look up or turn on lower subtitles. To avoid this, you will need to decide what to be used as default on video/text context. How to set default

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  Updated at  27 Nov, 2020
What is "Dark mode"?

You can set your Settings page in Dark mode to reduce eyestrain. To do this, go to Settings and activate Dark mode. However, this will not affect the Dropdown's or pop-up's display. You can enable Dark mode for the Dropdown and pop-up by choosing Dark option for Popup Theme in

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  Updated at  03 Nov, 2020
Can I disable some settings for a specific website?

Yes, you can. This can be extremely helpful when you want to apply one Preset as default to all websites and wish to turn off some or all of the settings on only a specific few.  (For example, you may wish to omit the pop-up function to focus on typing.

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  Updated at  02 Nov, 2020
What is "Language Pairs"?

A language pair is a pair of languages that you often work with. It appears when you click at the language icon at the top right of a basic pop-up. What does "language pair" do?Setting a few different language pairs can be helpful if you often need to reverse

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  Updated at  28 Oct, 2020
What is "Dictionaries"?

Dictionaries is where you manage advanced dictionaries, the most important part of Premium Add-ons. Here you can download, delete or bulk delete all the advanced dictionaries coming with the Add-on you purchased. Currently, GlotDojo supports 2 languages ​​with advanced dictionaries - Chinese and Japanese. Steps to downloadStep 1: Open Settings

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  Updated at  20 Oct, 2020
What is "Activated Websites"?

Activated Websites"Activated Websites" (1) is the list of websites that are applying a certain Preset. You can add/clear any website from the list (2). For example: You add the page “bbc.com” to Preset A. From then on, every time you visit the bbc.com, the Preset A

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  Updated at  19 Oct, 2020

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