What is Streak?

Streak shows how frequently you learn with GlotDojo, or indicates how many days you have used the app in a row.  The more streaks you have, the stronger your learning habit is. Your streak starts at 0, and every day when you have any learning activities on the app, it will increase by 1.

Note that if you don’t learn at all for a whole day, your streak will go back to 0. So, try your best to learn something every day.

You can see your streak in Home.

1: Your current streak

2: The longest streak you have

What is Times Reviewed?

Each time you’re done reviewing a card in Flashcards and Writing game, it will be counted as 1 review time. Times Reviewed indicates how many cards you have reviewed, and this will vary depending on the language you learn.

You can see your Times Reviewed in Home.

What is Minutes Learning?

GlotDojo app counts how many minutes you have learned each language in total.

You can see your Minutes Learning in Home.

How do I track my word progress?

Your word’s progress is tracked when you play Flash Card and Writing.

You can also view the level of a Word set. In Wordbook, look for a Word set. At the bottom of each Word set are two lines that indicate the level of all words in that word set. Next to the line, you see the number of due cards and new cards. Learn more about due cards here.

Click the line to see how many words are in each level.

What are new cards and due cards?

New cards are cards you have never reviewed.

Due cards are cards that are waiting to be reviewed.

Your reviews will be officially counted when you play Anki Flashcards and Writing games.

You can see how many new and due cards you have under each Wordbook in My Wordbook.

What is word level?

Word level is how well you remember a card. Word level is calculated only when you review cards with Anki Flashcards and Writing games.

To access level breakdown, go to My Wordbook > choose a wordbook > touch level bar next to Anki Flashcards or Writing icon.