How do I report a problem with translation?

To report a problem with a word/translation, you can contact us through our email [email protected] or send detailed information in Feedback bug, under Contact us.

How do I report a syncing issue?

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection, and that you have triggered sync first. See Synchronizer.

Sometimes, it may take a few minutes to complete the syncing process. If you think there’s a syncing issue, definitely let us know by contacting us through our email [email protected] or go to Contact us => Feedback bug and send us more details about your problem.

How do I report a bug?

To report a bug, go to More => Contact us => Feedback bug. Write in detail what kind of bug you encountered, and press Send. We’ll reach out to you in a couple of working hours (or days if you send during the weekend or an important holiday).

My sound is not working. How do I fix this?*

  • Make sure your phone is not muted, and you can hear application sound when using other apps
  • Go to Game Setting => Tools & Settings and make sure Sound is enabled.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of GlotDojo

If you still hear no sound, don’t worry. Contact us through [email protected] or send detailed information in Feedback bug (under Contact us) and we’ll look into it.

How do I send a feature request?

Go to More => Contact Us => Feature Request. Write clearly what you would like to see on GlotDojo or where you want us to improve, and press Send. We’ll be happy to check it out.