When you look up a word with Premium Chinese Add-on, you will see the decomposition of that word under Formation task in the pop-up, where it is decomposed to the smallest radicals.

You can see a Decomposition symbol before each group of radicals and the single radical itself, like this:

In the example above,

夜 = 亠 + (亻) + (夕 + 丶)

Here is a list of these symbols and their meanings:

From the symbol explanation, we can understand that:

夜 = 亠 + (亻) + (夕 + 丶)


  • 夜 is created by 亠 lying on top of the rest
  • After that, (亻) and (夕 + 丶) stand next to each others
  • (亻) is a simplification of 人
  • 夕 overlays 丶
  • 夕 is one of the 214 Kangxi radicals and is the key component (carrying the meaning of the word)
  • 丶is one of the 214 Kangxi radicals