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Change audio for a card in GlotDojo app

If you don't like how a word/phrase is pronounced, you can substitute it with an audio file of your choice. To do this, go to the card => "..." icon on the right to open the card menu => Edit. In the Edit card menu, scroll to see the audio

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  Updated at  29 Jul, 2021
Use Premium Add-on on multiple devices

You can use GlotDojo Premium Add-on on maximum 3 different devices at once. Use Premium Add-on on a new device Step 1Sign in with the account that you used to purchase Premium Add-on (Chinese/Japanese) Step 2Open Settings => select Dictionary Add-ons (1) How to open Settings Step 3 -

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  Updated at  27 Oct, 2020
What is the Add-on?

Besides the basic pop-up, GlotDojo currently offers the Premium Add-on for Chinese and Japanese. Premium Add-on A Premium Add-on is an advanced pop-up that helps you look up words in our advanced dictionaries built for these languages as well as: See full definition and Pinyin pronunciation (for Chinese) and On-Kun

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  Updated at  26 Oct, 2020
Lists of supported video streaming websites

GlotDojo features for videos like dual subtitles, Blur, Rewind, or scanning with shortcut keys are fully supported on some popular video streaming platforms. Fully supported video You can also add

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  Updated at  20 Oct, 2020
I have installed the extension but can't see it

After installation, you may not see the icon of GlotDojo on your taskbar immediately. To see it, you can: Click the puzzle icon on the right of the taskbar (1)Choose the pin icon next to Glot to pin (2)

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  Updated at  09 Oct, 2020

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